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Live Chat
Me - 17:14
Hello, my bill is higher than 30.03 could you explain to me why please?
LiveChat - 17:14
Hello Mrs. Roy, indeed you have use 6GB of additional data from the international. We offer a package with 10GB of usable data anywhere in the world, would you be interested?
Video Chat
Chatbot helpdesk - 17:14
Hi Mrs. Roy, I am your videoChat operator.

help your customers
in real time

Your representatives respond in real time to questions with high added value via Live Chat or Video Chat.

They interact with several users at the same time, using the knowledge base to save time and ensure quality responses.

The Live Chat software is used most often during these phases :

  • Acquisition phase
  • Conversion phase
  • Termination phase

It can also be used to assist in Helpdesk and HR support.

conversion rate

sales generated

customer satisfaction

less abandoned transactions

icone satisfaction client livechat

convert customers, build loyalty and increase customer satisfaction

Assist your users by using Live Chat or Video Chat during the trickiest part of navigation. Live Chat is a tool that helps users navigate the site, but also reduces the number of abandoned carts and increases conversion.

behavioural targeting

Engage your customers by using the proactive chat feature Behavioural targeting offers help right when your customers need it the most.

trigger settings

In the back office, you can choose personalised settings that trigger the chat in order to reach the right customers at the right time.

crm connection

Because you are connected to your CRM and a ticketing tool for internal support, you have information about your customers and the history of their interactions in order to personalise your answers. Interactions can also be integrated into the information system.

co-browsing | video chat

For an enhanced customer experience, you can also use Co-browsing, screen sharing and Video Chat to interact via webcam with your customers.

Do You Dream Up’s Live Chat is used by large companies and outsourcers. Its software architecture makes it possible to manage several hundred operators at the same time.

faq tablet applications

monitor performance

Do You Dream Up’s Live Chat has an intuitive back office where you can :

  • Help a representative in real time during an interaction with a customer and take over if necessary
  • Manage knowledge base content through a validation workflow
  • Analyse questions from users and re-read conversations
  • Use statistics and alerts to monitor the performance of your representatives: response rate, busy rate, time spent on simultaneous tasks, pickup rate, % of customer satisfaction
  • Statistics on turnover generated as a result of the Live Chat in order to measure conversion


video chat




ticketing tool


ticketing tool






setting up live chat

ten days process

Do You Dream Up / Client Launch meeting
Do You Dream Up Back office training
  • Training on interface features
  • Implement business concepts
  • Dedicated team
scenario livechat
Do You Dream Up / Client Definition of triggering rules
  • Behavioural targeting
scenario livechat
Do You Dream Up / Client Mock-up design
  • Suggest 2 design palettes that match the client’s graphic charter
  • You approve an approach, and then our designers create a design for you to approve
Do You Dream Up / Client Technical integration
Client Make the validation environment available
s 0
Client Place online

easy integration

Live Chat and Video Chat solutions are available as a SaaS, which means they are very simple to configure. You only need to add one line of code to your website.

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