Manage 100% of customer interactions

Our self-service solutions allow you to automatically handle your visitors’ questions 24/7 on all devices

Our live chat and video chat solutions enable your consultants to deal with more in-depth questions and give the user an immediate response


A chatbot, or smart virtual assistant, responds instantly to your users’ questions using natural language. The chatbot can be accessed in a chat window on your website and on mobiles, but also on messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack, etc. This can be escalated  to live chat if more in-depth answers are needed. For more information, see Do You Dream Up Chatbot page.


Single point of entry for customer relations which gives self-service answers and then, if necessary, directs the user to the appropriate channel. See more details on Do You Dream Up Helpbox page.

live chat

Your consultants interact with your visitors in a chat window. They can use the knowledge base to give predefined answers. Learn more about Do You Dream Up Live Chat

Dynamic FAQ

The user asks their question in an auto-complete search bar and receives a comprehensive answer. Learn more about Do You Dream Up Dynamic FAQ

Video chat

Provide your visitors with even more personalised support by communicating via a webcam. See more details about Do You Dream Up Video Chat

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exclusive technology for effective customer service

All our self-service solutions rely on our technology using artificial intelligence, a natural language processing engine and a matching algorithm. Our engine analyses the question then matches it with content from the knowledge base. The aim is to give the most relevant response and therefore improve customer satisfaction.

The tool’s self-learning capacity means the content of automatic suggestions can be improved based on user interactions, and especially unanswered questions.

The knowledge base is shared between the different interaction tools. This helps to guarantee the consistency of responses between channels and increases productivity.